Q1 Why can't I power on the ECO STAR device?
Make sure to turn ECO STAR's power switch to on, plug ECO STAR into cigarette lighter socket and turn the ignition switch to “ACC” (Accessories) position, ECO STAR will start simultaneously. If ECO STAR still cannot power on, please check if the car charger's LED is light On to confirm whether the power is supplied normally.
Q2 My ECO STAR could not get the GPS signal, what's the problem?
1. Your device must be used outdoors, in an open area without tall buildings or trees too close to where you are.
2. Your device must have a clear view of the sky with ECO STAR logo face up to the sky.
Q3 Why my speedometer is faster than ECO STAR speed?
Vehicle's speedometer is usually read 3~5mph faster than ECO STAR's speed, due to speedometers is designed slightly in excess of actual speeds(to avoid speeding tickets). It is recommended that you follow your speedometer to ensure you stay lower than the posted speed limit.
Q4 What's Daylight Saving (DST)? Should I turn it On or OFF?
Daylight Saving Time (or summer time as it is called in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer, if your country doesn't use Daylight saving time, you won't need to turn it on. DST reference:
Q5 My ECO STAR is crashed. How should I do to get it back to normal status?
You can find the Reset button beside USB connector, a small hole which can be pressed by pen tip or pin to reset your device.
Q6 Why my ECO STAR show “No Data available to compare”?
When vehicle is temporarily stop, the screen will display comparison image of current day and previous day's fuel efficiency. If it's the first time using ECO STAR, there will be no data to compare with, so it will show “No data available to compare”. This image will only show for the first time use or the first day after factory reset.
Q7 Why my ECO STAR shows unstable driving status image?
ECO STAR will auto detect the stability of your speed, if the speed is not stable but has not yet reached hard acceleration or rapid deceleration warning condition, ECO STAR will show unstable driving status on screen to remind you to pay attention on throttle and brake control.
Q8 Why My ECO STAR sometime shows rapid right or left turn warning image?
ECO STAR use built-in G-sensor to measure vehicle’s rapid right or left turn condition, therefore to ensure ECO STAR accuracy, we recommend to fix ECO STAR on the flat surface of dashboard and wait until the seat belt warning screen prompt to start driving.
Q9 When I press the Mute button, Why ECO STAR is still making sound on the next boot ECO STAR?
Because the main function of ECO STAR is to advise driving behavior through the screen, LED and the sound, so every time you reboot ECO STAR, it will automatically turn on the sound. If you want to turn off the sound permanently, you can go to Setting mode. For more detail please refer on 4-1 General Setting in the User Guide.
Q10 Will ECO STAR be able to turn off the screen display at night?
Yes, you can turn off the screen display, so the it will be only turned On when the driving status warning prompt. The screen will be turned off once the warning is stopped. Please refer to the User Guide section “Setting” for more detail.