QSTARZ ECO STAR is granted “8 STARS rating” from UK Energy Saving reviews

Taipei, Taiwan, April 16, 2014
Qstarz's latest ECO product ECO STAR is proud to receive 8 STARS overall rating from UK Energy Saving, a consumer resource on energy saving and related topics.
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The new ecostar from Qstarz is designed to aid drivers in driving not only safely but in an eco-friendly manner. It uses GPS technology to track the movements of your vehicle, prompting the driver when the drive is not smooth. The premise behind the product is that smoother driving is not only safer, but will also reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
The ecostar is very simple to set up and comes with a gel sticky pad with which to attach the device to the dashboard. As described, this can be removed from the dashboard without leaving any residue. Once in-situ the ecostar is powered using the USB lead which plugs into a cigarette lighter/12v socket. The set-up instructions are clear and easy to follow and the product only takes a few minutes to set up the first time. Thereafter the settings are remembered.
There are different settings which are more or less sensitive to the movements of the vehicle, the idea being that you can move through the levels as the smoothness of your drive improves over time. Sharp accelerating and braking as well as turns taken too sharply will set off the alarm on the device (alarm flashes come on screen and audio is also available). When the car stops the display indicates your fuel efficiency and whether your driving is improving or not!
This is a nifty little device which could be a good way for some drivers to become more aware of their driving habits. With both potential safety and environmental benefits, improving your driving style can certainly be worthwhile. The device, however, is quite sensitive so an uneven or undulating road surface can cause the alarm to go off.
The packaging of the product was mainly cardboard so easily recycled. With a RRP of 99.99 in the UK, this is an inexpensive device which could herald real savings for drivers.
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• Performance eco driving • Easy set-up • Over sensitive at times
• Value for Money eco driving • Safety & environmental benefits  
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• OVERALL RATING eco driving    
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